The Uptrex Advantage

CPAs tell us about the growing pressure from online software on their traditional services, such as tax preparation, payroll, and bookkeeping. Smaller firms, in particular, often find it hard to differentiate themselves and thrive.

By contrast, wealth management services are increasingly in demand as Baby Boomers and Generation X grow older. But offering these services has tended to be a complicated and expensive proposition for CPAs and Enrolled Agents.

That's why Uptrex is pleased to offer the CPA Partnership Program — a turnkey solution allowing CPAs, accountants, and other professionals to profitably add wealth management services to their existing practice. 

We will work with you to implement a wealth management program customized to fit your practice and benefit your clients, while avoiding conflicts of interest. With almost two decades of success so far, this partnership approach has proved both practical and cost-effective.

Clients often view their CPA as their most trusted advisor. Now you can expand your relationship with them – and increase the value of your business – by offering wealth management services supported by Uptrex.

Key Benefits of Our Partnership Program

Professional Experience

Wish you could resolve clients' frustration with their disjointed, inefficient, and high-cost investments? Through this partnership program, you can offer them several advantages:

  • A comprehensive strategy for a wealth plan that you approve
  • Institutional-grade solutions that we at Uptrex use ourselves
  • Regular progress reviews to ensure that their plan stays on track
  • The support of an experienced local wealth advisor with a successful track record 

Increased Value

The CPA Partnership Program will help you build long-term client relationships while strengthening your own business. You can increase your value in several ways:

  • Offering complete income and retirement solutions that help clients achieve their dreams
  • Enhancing client loyalty and retention with deeper relationships by adding wealth management services
  • Reducing seasonal downturns by creating an additional source of year-round income
  • Growing revenue by a significant percentage of gross annual billings without materially disrupting your audit, tax, or attestation practice

Grateful Clients

Your clients will appreciate the convenience and confidence of investing through their most trusted adviser. You'll be able to offer advantages that many of them need:

  • A coordinated program for tax, personal, and business finances
  • A long-term approach to investment and retirement planning
  • Web-based access to view all of their money in one place