Why is Uptrex better than a broker, a bank and your friend with a hot stock tip?
We've got 7 great reasons:



You know what we believe in.

As an independent firm, we've been able to create the kind of company that we would want to work with ourselves. We even wrote a Manifesto to explain why we exist and what we believe in. The customized strategies we develop and implement for our clients are based on these beliefs.



We are guided by what's best for you.

By operating without debt or venture capital, we purposely avoid the kind of obligations that might bias our advice to clients. There are never any sales targets, contests, or pressure influencing our recommendations. We answer only to our clients. What's more, we pledge to always communicate in plain language, not in financial jargon.


We often invest our own money alongside yours.

If we sold software, you'd expect us to use it ourselves, wouldn't you? We think the same should apply to financial advice. So investing our own money in the same solutions we recommend to clients is only natural. Just ask to see our account statements - we are happy to share them.



Our service really is personal.

At a large firm, your account may be one of thousands managed by a single advisor. At Uptrex, we have committed to working with a limited number of clients so we can give each one the time and attention they deserve. More than just knowing your name, we take real pride in your success.



We guide. You decide.

Working with Uptrex, you become the Rock Star of your financial life, outsourcing everyday money stresses. We serve as your support staff, setting the stage for success. Because you retain control over your money, you can focus on what's important in your life and start living your dreams. 



We look for a good fit before you sign with us.

Our getting-acquainted process helps determine whether we are a good fit for you and vice versa. Because we want our clients to stay with us for many years, we think it's vital to be sure we can meet your expectations.



You'll benefit from our investment philosophy.

By focusing on the things we can control, including asset allocation and diversification, we provide our clients a cost-efficient, low-stress approach to investing